Primary purpose of TRE®

May 3, 2020 by yogi0
Primary purpose of TRE®
In TRE® process, the release of tension, stress and trauma are secondary and inevitable
result of its primary purpose.
The primary purpose of TRE® is to allow as much movement, embodiment and presence
in any given moment during the process.
The resolutions will emerge from the movement, presence, open space and neutral
The focus of this work is the facilitation of non-judgmental space and freedom for a
person to be seen, heard and to express who they are and what they feel, which is
something that most of us are lacking.
Because of that lack, we move away from who we are into disregulated defense
mechanisms that we perpetuate in order to feel less pain, less restraint, less isolation.
Most of these adaptive mechanisms have served us initially, and all of that can stop, once
given appropriate, adequate and timely presence, space and engagement. So the
authentic movement and stillness can be re-established, once again.
The aim of TRE® is to provide that re-connection.

Cheda Mikic   January 2019

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