How I work

My personalised treatments combine naturopathy, nutrition, bio-informational therapy,
emotional awareness, and trauma work through specific body movements, to support
clients in aligning to their authentic self expression.
My particular interest is in helping clients to integrate trauma and all of their life
experiences in order to enhance their capacity to be with what is – right now – on all levels:
physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spiritually.
The clients personal evolution often requires a cultivation of an ongoing relationship
between us, in the form of flexible, precise and timely assistance and support.
Accepting, embracing and integrating all of our experiences, growing and evolving through
them, encourages us to be who we really are.


+39 3331 418 768 Italychedamikic@icloud.comCorso Umberto 189c Bovalino 89034 Italy+44 7479 220 788 UKchedamikic@icloud.comSpace To Be You, 1st Floor, Mare Street WingSt Joseph's Hospice, Mare Street, London, E8 4SA

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