Cheda has a great capacity to read the language of the body in a soft, non-judgemental way. His ability to listen, give space and intervene in a timely way is very empowering. His presence and availability during the sessions are so supportive.

Francesca Gussoni, Riccone, Italy

Counsellor, Family therapy teacher, TRE practitioner, Shiatsu practitioner

The session with Cheda was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.He has abundant knowledge and experience, and provides a great sense of safety. His ability to instantly find blocks and stagnation of energy in my body was outstanding, and his skills to delicately release and integrate deep emotions was a wonderful experience. He is my highest recommendation for anybody who is looking for a true liberation physically and mentally through a genuine therapy.

Miyuki Imaoka, USA/Japan

Body worker, Yoga teacher, Actress

Cheda has been my teacher and therapist since 2014 and has guided me through my healing process with a range of therapies. He works intuitively and with great care, knowing what I need and when. He has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement, especially since I’ve become a mother. I admire his work and recommend him highly!

Alice Paton, London, UK

Craniosacral therapist, TRE practitioner

Cheda has a particular capacity to establish deep therapeutic, non judgmental and safe space using a very few words.His love for and knowledge of the human body is very reassuring and therapeutically effective.

Elena Invernizzi, Rome, Italy

Dancer, Shiatsu practitioner, TRE practitioner, EFT

I am a practising naturopath and run three busy practices in the London area. Over the past two years I have referred patients with complex chronic pathologies to Cheda. The feedback from these patients indicates that not only did they obtain invaluable information about their pathology and diagnosis but they experienced a significant alleviation of their chronic illness.

Brian I, London, UK

Teacher, Naturopath

Cheda’s sound knowledge and extensive experience make his work really effective. His skills in following the body and his presence create a space where change can happen. With his attitude and humour, he creates safety and enjoyable atmosphere during the session.

Dr. Tjaša Stepišnik Perdih Ljubljana,Slovenija
Psychotherapist, assistant professor

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